Grass Fed & Finished Dexter Cattle


Our cows are raised the old fashioned way; on grass with no grain products!


No growth hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics!
We raise our cattle completely on grass and finish them on grass. When you buy grass-fed beef at the store you have to check if it is finished on grain. But with us, we guarantee that our cows have only eaten grass.
If you are looking for natural beef with exceptional flavor, tenderness, and nutrition, then check out our cows! We raise our Dexter cows with the best care, ensuring healthy happy meat. The Dexter cow is a heritage breed that has a pearly colored marbled meat with little fat.

Beef Orders

call for available cows

Sell by the 1/4, 1/2, whole, groundbeef, roasts

specialty steaks and cuts available. The Dexter is a small cow, the average steer weighs 800-900 lbs.

Cutting Specifications

Prior to processing date we will discuss how you wan the meat cut up. Time of beef processing is based on when order is placed and the processor's availability.


per pound                                  $7.95

Delivery will be discussed when order is placed.
Deposits can be made in advance.