Goats Milk

More easily digestible than cows milk!


Goats Milk

Currently not available

Milk               $10/gallon

Choose raw or pasteurize. Half gallon is $5. Milk is supplied in half gallon jars. If jars are damaged or not rotated there will be a fee of $4 per jar.

Goat Share

A share is purchasing part ownership in a goat, this allows for you to do as you wish with the milk. This is a one time fee. A share is worth a gallon of milk a week. Based from the statistics of milk consumption in hte U.S., one share will cover the milk consumption of two people. With the share purchase option there is also a monthly boarding fee, not included in prices.

One dairy goat share

This provides one gallon of milk per week from your shared ownership

Half  dairy goat share

This provides half a gallon a week from your shared ownership.