Who Are We?

BWD Ranch

BWD Ranch is a veteran and family owned beyond organic, multi-purpose, ranch in Pittsburg County, OKlahoma. Indianola to be exact! We are 20 miles north of Mcalester along highway 113.
BWD Ranch is run by Ingrid, a veteran and self-confessed dandelion planting, cow whispering, unconventional lunatic! My family farm is run by just my daughter and I! We don't do anything conventionall. We haven't used an ounce of chemicals and don't over plow.
At BWD Ranch we are creating an ecologically designed ranch that's bursting with healthy plants, benefical insects, bees, and thriving wildlife. Here, we farm slightly different. Instead of growing just one crop we grow a whole gaggle of crops. We are building a food-forest (well if the darn tractor works). We are working on mimicing the oak savannah by growing crop trees surrounded by produce instead of prairie grass. We take out the need for chemicals by companion planting. Who knew that tomatoes grow better with marigolds and petunias?
Beyond produce we raise dairy goats, free range ducks, pasture-based cattle and pigs. We are proud to say all our animals are unconventional and happy with space to roam!

About Us

Our Values

Individuality: We respect and honor animals, because the pigyness of the pig is a foundation for health
Community: We have a CMC, Clientele Membership Club, to encourage the community to get involved in where their food comes from.
Natures Template: Mimicking natural patterns of nature in farming.
We struggle to maintain our quality of life and our distinctiveness but do so with resilience. We are a success.... but haven't always done it well. There have been disasters but also lots of miracles. Each year things get a little bit better with more and more produce!

We are a little ranch with a big heart